Birds watched on the Cape West Coast Peninsula from West Coast National Park to Rochepan Nature Reserve
from: 8 to 22 November 2008
by: Jean Carlo Pedroli, Neuchatel Switzerland
Guest @ Oystercatcher Lodge Shelley Point

Bea-eater, European
Bishop, Southern Red
Bulbul, Cape
Bunting, Cape
Buzzard, Common
Canary, Cape
Coot, Red-knobbed
Cormorant, Cape
Cormorant, Reed
Cormorant, White-breasted
Crane, Blue
Crow, Black
Crow, Pied
Darter, Affrican
Dove, Cape turtle
Dove, Namaqua
Duck, Yellow-billed
Egret, Cattel
Egret, Littel
Flamingo, Greater
Flycatcher, Fiscal
Francolin, Grey-winged
Gannet, Cape
Goose, Egyptian
Goose, Spur-winged
Grebe, Black-necked
Grebe, Great Crested
Grebe, Littel
Guineafowl, Helmet
Gull, Cape
Gull, Grey headed
Harrier, Black
Harrier-Hawk, African
Heron, Black-headed
Heron, Grey
Heron, Purpel
Hoopoe, African
Ibis, African Sacred
Ibis, Glossy

     Ibis, Hadeda
Kestrel, Greater
Kingfisher, Pied
Kite, Yellow-billed
Longclaw, Cape
Marsh-Harrier, African
Martin, Banded
Martin, Rock
Mousebird, Speckled
Night-Heron, Black-crowned
Ostrich, Common
Oystercatcher, African Black
Pelican, Great White
Pigeon, Rock
Pover, Blacksmith
Plover, Chestnut-banded
Plover, White-fronted
Pochard, Southern
Raven, White-necked
Shovler, Cape
Shrike, Fiscal
Sparrow, Cape
Sparrow, House
Spoonbill, African
Starling, Common
Starling, Red-winged
Stilt, Black-winged
Swallow, Barn
Swallow, White-throated
Swift, Alpine
Swift, White-rumped
Teal, Cape
Tern, Caspian
Tern, Common
Tern, Littel
Tern, Swift
Tern, White-winged
Turnstone, Ruddy

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